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Taxes are down, so are Dems

Sure enough, once the tax cuts were passed, huge bonuses were handed down by the evil corporations and companies, who were sure to hoard it all for themselves, as the Democrat doomsday seers and apocalypse prophets had foretold.

Actually, they had foretold that the evil corporate executives and heartless companies would hoard all of the surplus for themselves, only to change their tune once it became clear that the tax cuts would actually pass and they would all wind up with their pants down (as usual, with the difference being that the general public is being forced to watch them as opposed to their secretary).

Rubashkin Released

The news is everywhere. Sound the trumpets, toll the bells, the President, Donald J. Trump, has brought an end to one of the longest nightmares seen in this country.

Start from the beginning.

In 2007 Sholom Rubashkin was raided at his meat processing plant in Postville, Iowa. The charge? He was employing illegals. Now, he had tried to vet for illegals, but state law had precluded him from doing anything more than asking for their social security numbers, which they provided. Forged, of course, but he had no way of knowing that the cards were faked(thank you, w bush, for bungling E-verify, on top of everything else).

Net Neutrality is out

Comcast insists that is supporting a freer internet by calling for net neutrality, which is like saying that a wolf insists that it is supporting faster sheep by calling for ankle weights to be attached to the sheep.
Still, people believe them. Well, they also believed that Barack Obama hired honest men, and no grandstanders. It looks like you can get people to believe anything these days. Or they just don’t care very much. Which is far more likely to be the case.

Compliance Challenge of the Year: State and local laws

From ‘ban the box’ laws to paid leave requirements, employers continue to cite the patchwork of state and local laws as their biggest compliance headache.
Compliance with state and local laws has always been a challenge for employers, but HR Dive readers say that difficulty is their most pressing compliance concern right now. The federal government increased regulation during the Obama years, but as the newly installed administration began to make good on its promises to roll back regulations on businesses, state and local governments began to pick up the slack.

Why AI Doesn’t Mean Taking The ‘Human’ Out Of Human Resources

Artificial intelligence, commonly known as “AI,” is a popular buzzword these days. Some of us hear the term AI and picture of a dystopian future where people lose jobs and control to robots who possess artificial — and superior — intelligence to human beings. Others are more sanguine about our ability to control and harness technology to achieve more and greater things.

Why employee engagement matters – and 4 ways to build it up

As you know, employee engagement is an important factor in how well organizations function. But how important is it, really? Joe Wedgwood of The Happiness Index answers that question using the latest research on engagement — and he provides some helpful tips on how to improve engagement in your organization.

San Francisco Wants to Eliminate the Pay Gap for Women in This Generation. But Will It Work?

Employers in San Francisco soon won’t be allowed to ask job applicants about their salary history.

The new city law, which was signed by Mayor Ed Lee on Wednesday and is going into effect next year, aims to narrow the wage gap between men and women.

Grassley E-Verify Bill Promotes Accountability for Employers

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley reintroduced legislation to aid businesses in complying with immigration laws by certifying the legal status of their workforce.

Is Continuous Screening the Future Normal?

Most companies screen employees for red flags in their background once, at the prehire stage. In the near future, the new normal may call for continuous,

Background Checking In a Gig Economy

The US economy has changed dramatically over the last 50 years — from stable employment in large organizations to an increased reliance on temporary

‘Trust But Verify’ Is How to Fight Back Against Employee Theft and Fraud

Small business success is often the result of a close-knit, dedicated team working long hours to achieve a shared goal.

D.C. Bill Protects Job Applicants’ Credit Histories

States and cities join trend of blocking credit, criminal history background checks

Washington, D.C., is the latest jurisdiction to consider legislation to prevent employers from conducting credit history screens for most job applicants.

Starbucks Class Action: Faulty Background Check Cost Applicant a Job

A Colorado man who was denied a job based on a Starbucks background check is suing the coffeehouse chain for violations of

In Context: “Dreamers” and Background Checks

Republican Congressman Steve King said the term “Dreamers” is a euphemism in the immigration debate and includes even people

To Improve Safety, Uber Turns to an Unconventional Measure: Selfies

Smile! You’re on camera, Uber drivers.
Uber, the ride-hailing giant with an estimated 30,000 drivers in the Washington region,

More Employers Hiring People With Criminal Backgrounds

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FCRA Suit Against Amazon Moves Forward

Why it matters

A Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) suit against Amazon can move forward in Florida federal court, a judge recently ruled. Donovan Hargrett accused the online retailer

This Movement Aims to Help Ex-cons Find Jobs — And Turn Their Lives Around

When Kirn Kim was 16, he was part of a group of four teens who killed an honors student who attended their high school in Fullerton, Calif.

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