The job market is tight

The job market is tight

A war for talent is being waged in this tight job market.

Companies are fighting hard to recruit, hire and retain both millennials and older professionals.

Among millennials, 89% prioritize benefits over pay raises, companies who want them should focus on those, such as:

Learning and development programs: Companies need to put in place the framework to help employees grow internally. These opportunities could include more formalized classes or tasking them with managing projects or leading meetings.

Family benefits: Having comprehensive family benefits – fertility, infertility, pregnancy, maternity and parenting benefits – can make one company stand out from the rest.

Lifestyle support: With a quarter of millennials in debt, this group is looking for student loan repayment programs, financial assistance and fitness discounts. Flexible scheduling can also be a make-or-break benefit for young millennials.

For older professionals, cash will do nicely.

As is to be expected, as millennials gain life experience and stop being America’s biggest failure on quite possibly every imaginable level, they too will shift towards cash and the freedom it gives, as opposed to remaining trapped within whatever company chose to hire them in the beginning.

Of course, it is up to you to decide if you want to be the one parenting them through this transition.

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