Over 36 percent of companies experience ‘workplace violence’


Over 36 percent of companies experience ‘workplace violence’

Workplace violence is not a man murdering coworkers while screaming Allah Akhbar. That’s what we outside of the coastal enclaves call terrorism. No, workplace violence is when someone gets upset, for whatever reason, at a fellow employee, or at his employers, and attacks them. While many people out there would encourage you to deal with the shooter by smiling at him (say ‘cheese’ for your last photo!), which helps to explain why we are still at 36%, the rest of us know that the best way to deal with a crazy person is not to allow them into the room in the first place.

Now the question is, how to find them out so they shouldn’t get into the room to begin with? Well, it seems that people don’t just wake up and start attacking others, there is a buildup. Generally you will see a lot of indicators both at work (fellow becomes withdrawn, surely, and unresponsive), and on social media, generally a bunch of rants. Fortunately, unlike the inside of people’s heads, this is information that can be tracked.

So, while it is good to search for arrest records, it is also important to track down references and social media both before and after hiring, especially when you consider that a nut who didn’t get arrested is much less sloppy, and therefore much more dangerous, than the one who did get arrested.


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