Relying on criminal database records is a dangerous move

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Relying on criminal database records is a dangerous move

There is a strong push among the uninformed to include criminal databases in the background checks. The argument goes that using federal and state database is a quick, easy and effective way to find out about a potential employees background, and should be made a required part of background examinations.

Of course, like most ideas that come from the uninformed crowd, they are sadly mistaken.

You see, the problem with databases is that they don’t get updated.

So when someone gets brought in by mistake, or on a charge that is dismissed or proven false, that someone will still end up in the database, and he can’t ever get himself out.

What happens than is that this poor guy can’t get a job, the guy next to him in the same situation drags the company to court for unfairness, but it isn’t the companies fault, they were forced to use the database, not that that matters in this climate, but still, and all we end up is that the other guy walks away with a few grand and no job, no one else gets a job either, and we’re all worse off. All because someone thought it would be good idea to forcibly implement an idea.

Of course, it never is.

The best idea, as always, is to let consumers find the best option for them, with companies working to provide these options. It’s called the free market, and it always produces the best balances and innovations.

Let’s keep meddlesome legislation out of it.


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