National Criminal Database

Performing a national criminal records search is the easiest way to run a criminal search. A National Criminal Database search draws from over 505 million records from thousands of jurisdictions, including databases with terrorist and sex offender information. This national criminal background check is the broadest tool for searching county court records for background screening. Any records returned from our National Criminal Databases Check are always verified with a county level search to ensure accuracy and that they belong to candidate or employee your screening.

County Criminal Records


County searches are advantageous due to the depth of its search. It is the most precise search, managed and administered by a local researcher physically. As a result of this manual process, this search can take up to 3 business days. County searches are recommended along with Multi-State National Criminal Records Search to get the most comprehensive search available.

Past Address & Social Security Trace


The past address and social security trace is a search that pulls a list of past addresses based on a person’s name and Social Security Number (SSN). If there are alternate names (aliases or also known as [AKA]) these are also reported. A cause for concern and the need for further investigation arises when the name provided by the applicant does not match the name on file with the credit reporting agency visit us for national criminal records search. Social Security numbers are needed for all those working in the U.S, whether temporary or permanent. Verify Social Security Numbers with our instant search that traces the names associated with the numbers along with an address history search.

National Sex Offender Registry


Avoid putting other employees at risk and let SappHire provide records from the national registry of sex offenders. SappHire is allowed to obtain files from the U.S Department of Justice Sex offenders, acquiring information from participating states.

State Driving Records


Driving records are necessary for future prospects whose jobs demand driving a company vehicle, using a personal vehicle for business purposes and especially those in the trucking and other transportation industries. SappHire attains information from the Motor vehicle Registry. It provides driving records, noteworthy traffic violations; suspensions, points assessed, and court results. Each states report may differ. Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Washington require pre-authorization from the applicant before a report can be obtained.

Drug Screenings


Why do drug testing? An addict in the workplace can reduce or halt productivity. Effects of drug use can be unsuspected, harmful to other employees and there is risk of serious criminal activities occurring in or around the workplace. SappHire works in partnership with nationally renowned drug screening companies LabCorp Solutions and Quest Diagnostics, to provide extensive drug testing.

Drug tests available are the 5 and 10 panel drug tests which identifies use of illegal drugs, addictive prescription drugs, opiates, amphetamines and more! SappHire also offers in-house drug testing for instant results.

Health Care Sanctions


All types of health care organizations, such as hospitals, health systems, acute care facilities, specialty hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals and long-term care centers, use background checks to promote patient and employee safety. At SappHire we use checks to verify that the health care worker has the qualifications to be granted privileges and/or employed and does not have a criminal history or disciplinary actions that would exclude the individual.



Not all applicants are 100% honest on their resume, and can be misrepresenting their education and professional background. As part of a background check, various searches are often ordered called Verifications. These verifications are conducted in the areas of:

  • Education
  • Past Employment
  • Professional Licenses

Sapphire Verifications include checking past education, employment, and professional license to ensure the applicant has the qualifications you require for the position they are seeking.

Credit Report


Get clarity on a tenants finances and ensure that they are financially responsible, or not trying to live above their means. Sapphire provides reports on credit history. Credit reports can be very beneficial to employees as well. Ask yourself this question: if they can manage their own money, how can they manage my company ? A credit report cannot harm a persons credit history in any way and it is not considered an application inquiry. A notification is sent allowing persons to know that a query was made.

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